About Us

Curvy ALLSTARS launched in June 2018 with the mission of promoting body positivity with an active lifestyle at any fitness level.
Plus size model, influencer and blogger Frankie Tavares is the creator of the brand, creating it with the intent of inspiring people to face their fears by getting out there and being active. The brand represents teamwork and community so that people know they are not alone in their fears of trying new activities. 
Maybe you have always wanted to play sports but you’ve held yourself back because of size. Curvy ALLSTARS is all about trying no matter who you are, your athletic ability or your size. With society focusing on size and making the assumption that if you’re plus size, you must be inactive or unhealthy. Curvy ALLSTARS is a brand that proves this is a myth by showcasing many influencers and models who are athletes and love sports in various group activities that unite them with fans and followers.
Tavares stated in a recent interview with PLUS Model Magazine:“I’m a mother to 3 very active boys. They all play sports including basketball, soccer and football. My family as a whole are very outdoorsy and we love being outside and active. Growing up, I have always played sports. I would much rather be doing something physically active with my boys or friends than walking on a treadmill at the gym. Curvy ALLSTARS is just that!”
Tavares plans to use Curvy ALLSTARS to make activity fun where participants will be playing beach volleyball, soccer, hiking, horseback riding, and more! The participants will change for each activity and so will the activities.
She states:“I hear a lot of people saying ‘I cant’ because of their size or how they think others will perceive them. Curvy ALLSTARS aren’t afraid to fail and if they do, we try again, as a team. I want everyone involved to come in at any fitness level and leave with a sense of accomplishment. If you’ve put yourself out there to try, in my book, you’ve already won. You lead by example and how amazing will it be to show those who look up to you that you may have been afraid but you did it anyway.”
The Curvy ALLSTARS kickoff event took place recently during Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City and it was such a success that Tavares continued to tour with the Curvy ALLSTARS brand to several different cities eventually taking the brand international in Cancun, Mexico in just 3 short months. The ALLSTAR games during FFF Week, Philadelphia Curve Weekend, National Curves day and Curvy Fest featured some popular curvy models and influencers playing, plus size cheerleaders and a FFF week half-time show featuring dancers of all sizes, organized by plus size dancer/choreographer Jessie Diaz-Herrera of Curves With Moves.And this is just the beginning.
Want to be involved and show off your active moves? Tag your photos #CurvyALLSTARS on Instagram. We want to see you getting out there and getting active!


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